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[Posted by archiloquy on December 26th, 2011, 2:16 am]

I have one word for Caelum: whipped.

Early update because it will be a busy new year! (Advanced) Happy New Year, guys! Hope you have a good one :D


[Posted by Algaia on December 29th, 2011, 3:58 pm]

lol listen to the lady lol poor Caelum being polite doesn't always work lol


[Posted by kaitlynvang on December 29th, 2011, 4:18 pm]

mmm i smell lots of love in the air. lolz xD jk but i do smell something in the air *burning wood* O.O

cant wait!!! i love this!!!!!


[Posted by Rain (Guest) on January 3rd, 2012, 10:39 pm]

Ahhhhhh I waited too long tocheck smackjeeves.
But, I am so glad I checked...
Recently I have been reading "bleach" for the first time ever. I was so prejudiced against bleah a few years ago because I believed naruto is better. Sigh I was so blind backthen. But anyways.
I found there's a character really similar to the male protagonist in this series. In bleach, there is a captain who uses ice, and he is polite and on the outside, but really passionate on the inside. He really reminds me of Caelum. Caelum's first impression to me is really quite nice. Nice manners and well behaved. However he is a bit cold towards Romi, as if he is not worthy of her kindness. I think his whole character is a dichotomy of some sort. He--the guy desired by most girls yet his own opinion of himself is quite simple--acting as a guardian and protecting the girl who is closest to him.
Just like Toshiro Hisugaya, teehee.
Oh well, these opinions change. I haven't seen much of him yet.
Is there a lot of action in this series? Not neccesarily fighting ones, but drama-ish...
Whoaaaaa. Both spelling and logic is taking a big hit on my brain today.


[Posted by archiloquy on January 5th, 2012, 4:33 am]

@Rain: Ah, Bleach. One of the manga I'd like to read but am too lazy to start due to the large number of chapters already posted. Although comparing Naruto and Bleach is kind of weird for me, since I see those two as brothers -- include One Piece there as well (it's because they all come from Shonen Jump, no need for competition; they're complementary, I would say, and they all have their own good points and flaws).

Hitsugaya ... well I'm just not sure how similar he and Caelum is, since I only know Hitsugaya from only a number of scenes, but we'll see.

Drama? Iiii'mmmm not suuuurrreee ... Yes, I think. All I can say is that Skiagraphia is an experimental manga in that I'm trying to "translate" a sort of literary story (using the word 'literary' in the loosest way possible) into a visual one. And I am failing at it spectacularly.

I've been meaning to ask: are you by any chance a liberal arts student? You seem to have an inclination to analysing narratives and characters.


Lalala [Posted by Rain (Guest) on January 5th, 2012, 12:36 pm]

@archiloquy: Haha.... I'm an English major student. I'm not that far into my education yet. Although I seriously did not purposely try to analyse this character when I wrote the previous comment. I was working on a fanfiction on bleach and my head was all about in depth character analysis when I read the updated manga pages of yours.
Well, last few weeks was exam time. Instead of studying I was reading an watching bleach. And some scenes made me cry= =lllll I think Bleach is something that many many many people worked really hard on. Ie, the music, the scenes, the voice acting.. The music... Did I mention the music???! There are some melodies that makes your heart melt. >_< if you ever have a chance please read or watch it... You will never regret it.
Mhmm... I wonder why I am advertising bleach. They didnt give me advertising fee.
Well anyway. As a fellow manga lover....
Haha, I hope you never stop drawing. ^^


[Posted by archiloquy on January 5th, 2012, 4:10 pm]

@Rain: Ah, I knew it. Interpretation and analysis are crucial when you're a liberal arts student. Especially literature-related ones. As early as today, you have to hone your analysing skills so you can handle critical papers in the future. :)

My exam week will probably be next week, and I am still too lazy to read my lectures. D: I happen to watch some episodes of Bleach (as well as Metantei Conan, Fairy Tail, and Hajime no Ippo -- which I've already watched before) during my commuting time on the bus. The music's good, I agree.

I hope so too, thank you :)

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