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Romi, a young girl who dreams to become a great painter, goes to the sea in an attempt to seek for inspiration. Instead, she meets a man with an otherworldly appearance emerging from the sea. --- READ RIGHT TO LEFT.



So I've decided to start another manga, but as a secondary one. See, this will be my go-to thing when I need to escape Quickening, sort of a stress reliever from the pressures imposed by the process of it. Yes, I take a break from drawing by ... drawing. :| Quickening is still my priority, of course; that's why the illustrations here are only sketches -- not polished enough to be stressful, but not bad enough to be incomprehensible.

So, yeah ... romansu. But not enough to be overly sappy at all. Just. Tranquil. Which translates as boring. Although knowing me, I'd be screwing this up soon and shift direction to a more shounen humour and action plot. But! Like I said, 'experimental', so. Just something different from Quickening, I guess.

But no shoujo bubbles. Definitely no shoujo bubbles.

Also this story is set in a world where it is set in a universe the same as Quickening. Lol. I always wanted my works to have something in common, so the best way to do this is creating a single, absolute mythology and making worlds for that universe. Kind of like Fabula Nova Crystallis. Or Kingdom Hearts for that matter. Or, heaven forbid, CLAMP, as confusing as Tsubasa may be. (A good thing about a unifying mythology is that it paves way for ... wait for it ... CROSSOVERS! *shot*)

TL;DR: I'm making a shoujo(-ish!) manga as breaks for my shounen(-ish!) manga. :/

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